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I need upwards of seven players who are looking to join a game of old-school Classic D&D! Most folks know the Classic D&D Game by one of its commoner appellations, Basic/Expert or Red Box/Blue Box. Still others are only familiar with the “retro clone” games which are based on the old rules, like “Labyrinth Lord,” “Dark Dungeons,” “Basic Fantasy,” and “Swords & Wizardry.” (All of these are free to download, by the way.)

So now you know about the rules. What about the setting? Engines & Empires is basically what you get if you took Middle-Earth, Final Fantasy, a bunch of myths and fairy tales, and put them in a blender with H.G. Wells and Jules Verne novels. It’s Victorian steampunk, but with dragons and wizards and elves all present and accounted for. It’s epic high fantasy, but with guns and gadgets and airships added to the mix. Is there any way that might not be fun? Short answer: no, no there’s not.

Current Status: 0 out of 7 player slots filled. What are you waiting for? This DM needs to get his game on!

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